At Dwight School Hanoi, we are committed to igniting the spark of genius in every child. Central to our mission is fostering a diverse and dynamic student body. Our scholarship programs are uniquely designed to celebrate not just traditional measures of merit, but also the various ways students shine.


Leadership extends beyond the classroom. Our Leadership Scholarships honor students who have shown exceptional leadership in school or their communities, going beyond traditional roles to consider student-driven initiatives and impactful decisions.

Open to new students who will enter Grade 9 and 10 of the 2024-2025 academic year.

Two scholarships of 70% tuition remission until graduation (subject to scholarship terms & conditions below).


At Dwight, we believe in nurturing diverse talents and cultural richness within our student community. The Spark of Genius Scholarships honor students who exhibit exceptional academic performance and show unique commitment to areas such as the arts, athletics, service, or innovation.

Open to new students who will enter Grades 9 and 10 of the 2024-2025 academic year. The Spark of Genius Scholarships focus on recognizing the unique contributions that each student brings to our school. For example, students with outstanding academic achievements and high proficiency in the traditional Vietnamese arts or other culturally significant skills are particularly encouraged to apply.

Two scholarships of 70% and eight scholarships of 50% tuition remission, valid until graduation in Grade 12 (subject to the terms & conditions below).

Step 1: Complete the online Inquiry Form and make sure you click “Yes" for the scholarship application question.
Step 2: Log into the Admissions Portal and follow the instructions sent to your email address when submitting the Inquiry Form.
Step 3: Pay the Application Fee of VND 9,800,000 VND (non-refundable) and follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the Admissions Portal to complete your application.
Unlike the standard admissions process, scholarship applicants are required to submit the following additional checklist items via the Portal:

  • Student's personal statement: Scholarship applicants must include in their personal statements why they wish to be considered for a Leadership/Spark of Genius Scholarship and a description of the leadership activities that make them eligible.
  • A short personal video introduction to themselves in English. See video instructions here.
  • Spark of Genius scholarship applicants must submit a portfolio that demonstrates their relevant initiatives and unique abilities. Portfolios should be between 10-15 images for visual artwork or 3-5 musical or theatrical works. Links to online websites are also accepted.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to individually present and/or perform for the Scholarship Panel at the next selection round.


Application will be closed by 15 June 2024 or once all the available scholarships have been awarded.


  • All scholarships cannot be combined with another scholarship or with any other discounts/fee waivers available at Dwight School Hanoi.
  • All scholarship students must meet specific academic requirements and maintain good conduct to retain their scholarships for the following academic year within the established validity period.