We champion a foundational principle: to create a safe and welcoming environment where every individual feels valued and can confidently express their authentic self each day. While we are deeply committed to the experience in our local community, we acknowledge and learn from experiences shared by community members across our global network. By actively staying connected with our Dwight schools worldwide, we continually integrate global best practices to ensure our commitment to fairness, respect, and equality remains robust.


Our focus on belonging is an intrinsic aspect of our identity. This ethos is characterized by:

  • Upholding the dignity of every community member
  • Embracing and understanding the diverse identities and experiences within our community
  • Cultivating mutual empathy and understanding
  • Ensuring respect and fostering constructive dialogue amidst varied perspectives


The vibrancy of our school community is a reflection of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our members. We endeavor not only to recognize but to celebrate these unique attributes. Equipped with insights and best practices from our global network, we aim to challenge and diminish any barriers to inclusion within our community.



Anchored in Hanoi, we admire and honor Vietnamese values. We are conscious about embedding culture, history, and language in the school and fostering close working relationships among all at Dwight School Hanoi.