The global network of Dwight Schools champion personalized education within the acclaimed International Baccalaureate (IB) framework. Dwight School Hanoi is more than just an academic institution; it is a place where every aspect of a student's growth is nurtured and celebrated.

Our Advisory offers structured pathways tailored to each student's unique interests and needs. They provide focused guidance, helping students fully realize their potential. Here is how we ensure each student's success:

Grade-Level Support:

  • Lower School Homeroom Teachers:
    Anchored in our commitment to personalized learning, our dedicated homeroom teachers design daily instruction, engaging students in developmentally appropriate inquiry with a global focus. Beyond academics, every homeroom teacher pays keen attention to the social, emotional, and ethical growth of students. This culture of care has a direct impact on the students' ability to embrace learning, take risks and develop empathy.
  • Middle School and Upper School Advisors:
    At Dwight, students are assigned an Advisor. This mentorship provides consistent support, assisting students in their academic and personal growth journeys.

University Guidance: Transitioning to higher education is a significant milestone. Our knowledgeable University Guidance team aids students in making informed choices about global universities that are the best fit based on the individual's academic profile, personal interests, and aspirations. Click to read about our College Admissions Worldwide.

Course Selection Support: Upholding our commitment to the IB programme and pathways for all students, we extend specialized course selection support. This ensures students pick courses that meet the IB’s rigorous standards and complement their future goals.

Social-Emotional Counseling: Recognizing the importance of emotional and social well-being, our counseling services equip students with the essential tools and support to navigate challenges effectively.