Proficiency in multiple languages empowers students to engage with different cultures, broadening their educational and professional horizons while promoting critical and creative thinking.

The school prioritizes the maintenance of students’ home languages alongside educational settings, recognizing the foundational role of a child’s first language in identity, learning, and additional language acquisition. By integrating home language learning into the curriculum, Dwight School Hanoi supports the development of strong linguistic bases, facilitating easier language transfer and comprehension, and reinforcing English and other language learning.


Dwight is focused on educating the whole child. Our ELL program is made available to students who benefit from additional time with our expert faculty to support them accessing learning in English. Our English Language Learning program is personalized for each student. We acknowledge students' strengths and weaknesses, as well as their learning style and speed to provide a structured program that is delivered by trained and specialist educators to maximize each student’s academic potential.

The content in each of the ELL programs is organized into four interrelated strands: Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Socio-cultural Competence and Media Literacy. Effective instructional activities blend expectations from the four strands in order to provide English language learners with the kinds of experiences that promote meaningful learning, and that help students recognize how language and literacy skills in the four strands overlap and strengthen one another.