Tools for invention and exploration

We embrace technology to amplify our mission of igniting the spark of genius in every child. Technology is not just a tool though – it is an integral part of our dynamic learning environment.

Our Approach

  • Innovative Integration: Tech tools are used to foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration in all curricular areas.
  • Digital Citizenship: We emphasize ethical online behavior, privacy, and safety.
  • Lifelong Learning: We stay up-to-date to help our students adapt in a changing digital world.
  • Safety First: Our best-in-class security measures ensure digital safety for our students.
  • Adaptive: Through the exploration of ethical uses of AI, we inspire innovation, preparing students for future technologies.

Tech Highlights

  • Advanced Facilities: Labs with the latest software and devices.
  • Diverse Platforms: Rich digital platforms to support and enhance learning.
  • STEAM & Coding: Introduction to vital tech disciplines from an early age.
  • Faculty Training: Regular professional development in ed-tech.

Events and Programs

  • Spark Tank: Students showcase innovative projects, many of which are tech-enabled.
  • Digital Workshops: Emerging technology sessions provide modern insights.
  • Guest Speakers: Tech industry leaders offer insider perspectives.