Dwight Schools Global Network

Dwight School Hanoi is part of a global network of Dwight Schools in New York, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Dubai, and in the cloud — Dwight Global Online School.

All Dwight Schools share the same commitment to igniting the spark of genius in every child. No matter where in the world students attend Dwight, they are inspired to find their passions and receive the same high-quality IB education.

Being part of a global network affords Dwight School Hanoi students numerous benefits and countless opportunities with Dwight students from around the globe: travel and exchange programs, cross-campus curricular and creative collaborations, online learning programs, international athletic competitions, and global leadership conferences - all fostering the development of global leaders.

One of the unique and invaluable benefits of being part of Dwight’s global network of schools is the built-in opportunity that students have to attend school at any one of our brick-and-mortar campuses in New York, London, Seoul, Shanghai, or Dubai - or in the cloud with Dwight Global Online School - for a trimester or full academic year, depending on the host school. When our students travel to the home countries of Dwight Schools in our global network for exchanges, they forge friendships with peers on other campuses and are introduced to different cultures.

Global events, like our annual music festival, offer Dwight students the chance to perform alongside their peers from Dwight’s global campuses. Every other year, the concert is hosted in New York at iconic venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, while the performance goes global in alternating years, hosted on a prestigious stage in Dubai, London, Seoul, Shanghai, or Hanoi.

International Travel & Exchange Programs

Our global network gives Dwight School Hanoi students amazing access to travel and exchange programs, cross-campus curricular and creative collaborations, online learning programs, international athletic competitions, and global leadership conferences.

Dwight School Hanoi students will join and compete with Dwight students from Shanghai, Seoul, London, Dubai, and
New York. 

  • The Camerer Essay Competition has been held across Dwight Schools since 1926. Students in grades 9-11 write personal essays and submit them to their English teachers who select the best in each grade for review by the judges.
  • The Global Music Festival brings students together from around the world to perform at the highest level in some of the world’s greatest concert halls.
  • The Doris Post Oratory Competition is held annually and is open to all Dwight students. The competition is in honor of a leading faculty member who served Dwight for 28 years between 1953 and 1981 and sees more than 200 entrants step up to the lectern to demonstrate outstanding research, writing, and public speaking skills.
  • The London Choir Fest is a joyful and energetic annual choral event, bringing together musicians from Dwight Schools across the globe. The event started in 2017, and this year, students from London, New York, Shanghai, Seoul, and Dubai will come together to showcase their musical talents after a week of workshops and rehearsals.
  • Sparkathon is a global call to action, that ignites student innovation. It is challenging and thought-provoking 48-hour design competition for students across all our campuses. Over 30 teams were charged with developing innovative ways to clean up and remove plastic from our oceans and raise awareness about solutions. This event demonstrates what it means to be a global community coming together for a better world.