Our University Guidance office works with each Upper School student to create a personalized application plan. This counseling service is student-oriented and designed to help students develop their potential during their time at Dwight, create a compelling narrative about their academic and personal journey, and guide them on how to choose and apply to universities.

Our dedicated counselors use proven strategies to help students look beyond the numbers to find the school that is the best fit for them based on their academic profile, personal interests, and aspirations. Dwight counselors take tremendous pride in securing outstanding university placements each year for our students. Our global experts look forward to providing this support to our Hanoi students, setting them up to become the next generation of global leaders who can thrive anywhere in the world.

The selective college admissions landscape has evolved over the years, becoming increasingly challenging for both students and parents to navigate alone. Our University Guidance office shepherds families through the application and admissions process, offering specific higher education programming throughout the school year for students in our Upper School. However, our preparation begins long before the student reaches grade 9. Dwight adheres to the concept of long-term development, and we begin providing students with all-around growth support from the moment they enter the school. This support is designed to prepare each student for success at every stage of their academic journey, continuing through graduation and even beyond for our alumni.

We anticipate that, after completing four years of Upper School, many Dwight School Hanoi students will choose to study overseas. Our counselors’ extensive expertise in university admissions encompasses many parts of the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, continental Europe, and Asia.

Four-Year Planning

SPARK class
For grade 9 and 10 students, we offer one Spark class a week to prepare them for college applications. Reflective teaching content (including self-portraits, personality tests, personal narrative development, senior student interviews, college introductions, and career planning) help students understand themselves more deeply and inspire them to begin preparing for their future.

One-on-One Meetings
Students have at least one face-to-face meeting with a University Guidance counselor each semester to help direct and focus their personalized application plan. Based on each students’ individual needs, the meeting can cover overall academic progress, language scores, activity participation, university suitability assessment and personalized ranking, professional direction, future career planning, standardized test suggestions, summer school options, international exchange, and more.

Lectures and Workshops
The University Guidance team will hold regular lectures and workshops on the latest college admission information for both parents and students. They will also invite university admissions officers to share firsthand tips and information.

Application Essay Workshops
An important part of the university application process is creating a compelling personal essay. In grade 11, students participate in individual essay workshops to hone their storytelling skills and develop their application essays. Our University Guidance counselors are available to offer advice and provide constructive feedback on their essays.

Recommendation Letters
After collaborating with students in their one-on-one meetings and consulting with the students’ subject teachers, our University Guidance counselors write university recommendation letters tailored to each student’s personal application plan.

College Fairs and Meetings with Admissions Officers
The University Guidance teams across Dwight School’s global network maintain strong relationships with universities and colleges around the world. We organize visits to our campus for university admissions officers in both the fall and spring semesters. These college fairs give our students and parents the chance to learn more about potential universities and the application process directly from the officers who will be considering applicants for admission. Our University Guidance counselors help students prepare for these visits by guiding students’ research in advance so they can make the most of these events.

Global University Acceptances

Taking time to celebrate the hard work and achievement of all Dwight students is important to us. While we firmly believe that ranking is not synonymous with quality of education, we are proud to see our students earn admission to some of the World’s most competitive institutions of higher education. Click here to view our Global College Admissions page.

College and University Visits to Campus

At Dwight, we aim to host regular college and university fair sessions and we welcome visits to school and communication with our students. Please contact the Head of School Office (hoso@dwighthanoi.org) in advance to schedule a time. To facilitate these visits, Dwight suggests that any collateral – such as brochures, posters, souvenirs, etc – be mailed to our campus in advance.