We are delighted to welcome you into our community!

As Dwight School Hanoi prepares to open its doors, we are crafting an exceptional campus experience designed with our future students in mind. Imagine a school where every aspect is built on our three pillars: Personalized Learning, Community, and Global Vision.

Campus Coming to Life: At Dwight School Hanoi, students will find, advanced learning studios, a library that sparks curiosity, and tech-infused spaces that enable innovation. Our athletics facilities cater to our students' fitness and competitive spirit, while the dining hall will offer a taste of our global ethos.

An Evolving Calendar: Look forward to a calendar that brims with cultural events, intellectual endeavors, and opportunities for fun and engagement, all of which will celebrate our inaugural year and set traditions for years to come.

Getting Here: Plans for safe, reliable transportation are underway, ensuring that our students' journey to our campus is seamless from day one.

Dining Experience: The culinary offerings will focus on healthy, diverse options to fuel our students’ learning and growth, accommodating various dietary needs.

Tech-Ready Learning: Our commitment to technology will ensure that our students have the digital tools and support to thrive in a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

Well-being at the Core: From the outset, our health services, including a school nurse, will prioritize our students' well-being, because a healthy student is a successful student.

After the Bell: When classes finish, students will have the opportunity to shape and join new clubs and After-School Activities that pique their interest and fuel their passions.

Dwight School Hanoi's forthcoming campus is not just a place to learn; it is a space to grow, connect, and explore a world of possibilities. Get ready to be part of a vibrant community from the very beginning!